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Poured Resin Workshop

January 20, 2010

This very exciting workshop will teach you one of the hottest looks in fine art photography right now.  It consists of a method to mount photographic prints on artist’s boards, then enclose them in a poured resin finish.  It  looks as if the prints were coated in molten glass.  It’s a great way to present and enhance your work!  And best of all, it’s a technique you can do at home with some basic materials and know-how.

Talia Shipman will once again lead this workshop.  She’s perfected this technique through years of trial and error, and you will benefit from her experience as she demonstrates the technique and guides you through creating your own finished artwork.  You’ll provide us with an image, and we’ll make an 11×14 print which you will mount and resin coat during the workshop.  You’ll love the results!

You’ll also receive a step-by-step guide with photographs and a materials list so that you can do this technique on your own at home. It’s a fun process and the results are quite stunning! If you’d like to see some samples I have them here in my studio, so give me a call or e-mail and drop by and see them.  Here’s a PDF with more information about the workshop.

Workshop Date:  Sunday, April 25      9:30 – 5:00

Location: My studio (downtown Toronto)

Workshop Fee: $360 incl. materials (& gst)

Advanced registration and $100 deposit is required, so contact me here:


Print on just about anything.

February 10, 2008
  • If you’d like to explore some “Alternative Media”, check out InkAid’s site.  They sell coatings that you can apply to any surface, rendering it suitable for inkjet printing.  Imagine printing on wood, metal, fabric…. anything thin enough to pass through your printer.
  • Speaking of Alternative… This month’s Photoshop User (March 08) has an  article about glazing photographic (inkjet printed) images onto ceramics.  Some interesting examples.  This is definitely the way to go if you want your portfolio to have some real weight.
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