Props & Backgrounds

  • Studio Specialties seamless papers, fabrics, props etc!!!
  • Octopus specialty laminates.. all kinds of surfaces for tabletop shooting
  • Set Shop NY store.. special effects props, variety of background stuff
  • Trengrove special effects props.. splashes, ice cubes, ice effects etc
  • Hand Prop 326 Carlaw Avenue, 416-465-4352   large variety of small props
  • Vintage Props Lots of small vintage props
  • Marty Millionaire 345 Queen St E  416-366-6433   furniture rentals
  • Addison’s 41 Wabash Avenue  416-539-0612   antique plumbing, baths, sinks etc.
  • Hotsets 20 Logan  416-778-4114  set building
  • Air Magic Pyrotechnics 30A Dorchester Avenue  416-703-0425   fire and smoke effects, fireworks
  • Designer Fabric Outlet 1360 Queen Street West  416- 531-2810   great selection of fabrics for backdrops
  • King Textiles 445 Richmond West  416-504-0600   crazy fabrics!!

Note:  You can rent virtually any item at many retail stores, usually at a rate of 30% of retail price.

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