Photo Gear

Find out what to buy:

  • DPReview Very detailed camera and lens reviews
  • SLR Gear Lens reviews- check here before you buy!

Where to buy online (check these places first!)

  • Alien Bees Superb mono-head flash units- I love these and use them all the time.  Great Value!!
  • White Lightning Same flashes as Alien Bees, in metal housings with a longer warrantee.
  • Gadget Infinity Radio slaves, camera triggers and other accessories.  Great Value!!
  • Lens Babies Very popular soft focus lens… Fun!
  • SterlingTek Camera Batteries
  • Set Shop studio supplies, unique gear
  • LensPen & SensorKlear Amazing little tools for cleaning lenses, and for getting smudges off your sensor.  Works like magic!

Where to buy locally

Big US Stores

Repairs to photo gear

  • Schenk Photo-Electronics 276 Carlaw  416-466-2927  flash repairs
  • KHB Photografix 335 Admiral Blvd  905-670-5166 Alien Bees service and parts, other flash as well
  • TMW Computers 120 Parlaiment Street  416-777-9996 printer repairs… Epson Authorized

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