Stuff for living well

Dressing well 

  •  Carte Blanche 758 Queen  W.  532-0347 Cheap Monday jeans, plus custom made jeans at reasonable prices!
  • Gotstyle the best menswear store (and spa) in TO.  Great range of styles, and Melissa has great taste!
  • Simons If you’re in Montreal (or Quebec City)… great casual clothing at really reasonable prices.

Eating well 

  •  Live so tasty you’ll never guess you’re eating vegan (and probably raw!)  Best healthy food I’ve ever had.
  • Magic Oven Health Pizza?  not an oxymoron!  Great pizza, pastas, decadent desserts!
  • Mother’s Dumplings Feels like going home to your mom’s kitchen, if your mom happens to live in China.
  • Perigee Like sitting in your mom’s kitchen, if your mom happens to be a four star chef!  Blow the biscuit and go for the tasting menu.
  • Susur Since we have one of the world’s best chefs right here in TO, you owe it to yourself to experience this at least once. (warning, food this exquisite is addictive)
  • Freshwood Fresh, locally grown food cooked on a wood fire… mmmm!
  • Niagara Street Cafe Cosy little resto, naturally raised food, delicious.
  • Dark City Coffee Freshly custom roasted coffee delivered to your door!  Can’t beat it (and you know how much I like my coffee)  Order the Fair Trade coffees to ensure equity for the growers.
  • Soma If you’re in the Distillery District, don’t miss dropping by Soma for some glorious chocolate.  My fav is the Dark Fire, rich dark chocolate with a bite of spicy chillies.
  • The Spice Trader If you enjoy cooking (as I do… it’s my second favorite way of making love), you’ll bliss out in this little shop of flavors.  I’ve done photography for their new website, which will be launching soon.  Don’t miss the little shop downstairs, which has oils and vinegars!

Knowing Well

  •  Librivox I’m addicted to listening to books on my iPod!  This site has hundreds of public domain books read by volunteer readers.. all for FREE.

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    1. Great site. -j

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