About Rob

Well, what should I tell you that you need to know? Let’s see, over 30 years of shooting and I’m still having fun! Great downtown studio, but always happy to venture out and see the world. Passionate about food, travel, beautifullly designed objects and interesting people. Clients like my gift for making even the most mundane object beautiful. You can check out my work here. I’ve also been teaching photography, and the Business of Photography for  around 20 years, mostly at Ryerson University, and through workshops and classes in my studio.  I’ve always found that teaching, in addition keeping me on my toes and current, inspires me in my own work.  You students push me hard… and you just keep getting better.  Thanks!


  1. fabulous web site Rob. thanks too for generously sharing your knowledge… As a past student in your inaugural digital photography course (long overdue at ryerson), you opened up a whole new world of photographic possibilities for me…great course design, excellent teaching, fun and of course your unique approach to sharing what you know. i have recommended your course to others who now have joined the ‘rob fan club’ which i know is making you cringe and roll your eyes – ha ha…

  2. I’d like to learn to do this– do you have any video tutorials? Or could you recommend any resource other than attending one of your workshops? I’d love to but I live in San Jose, CA.

    Thanks in advance-

    • I haven’t started creating videos yet, but since you’re not the first to make the request, I’ll be working on it soon.
      I don’t know what resources are available in your area, however, if you want to get a group of interested photographers together I could come out to you and hold a workshop for you.
      That would be a lot of fun!
      Thanks for your inquiry,

  3. I’m sorry, I may have posted my question in the wrong area. I meant to inquire about your Poured Resin Workshop.

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

    My apologies-

  4. I am wondering if you still sell a process for pouring resin on photographs

    • I’m working on an instructional video/book.
      I’ll be announcing it here when it’s ready for purchase.

  5. Hi Rob;
    My wife and I were pleasantly surprised that you are giving a lecture on food photography Nov 15th. Unfortunately we have a prior engagement that we cannot break for that night. Are you going to have a similar lecture elsewhere? a different club perhaps?
    Best regards,

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans at present for any other lectures on food photography.
      However, keep an eye on this blog… as you never know!

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