Poured Resin Workshop… last chance for a while!

July 14, 2010

This very popular presentation technique transforms your images into beautiful, rich works of art ready to be proudly displayed. The thick, high gloss resin finish makes prints look like they’ve been preserved under molten glass. It’s a very popular technique in galleries and shows, so you may have seen examples of it and wondered exactly how it was done.

Here’s your chance to learn this process, and transform your own print into a beautiful work of art! You’ll see each step demonstrated by Talia Shipman, and you’ll mount and finish your own print as well. This is a technique that you can easily set up and execute at home, so you will get a complete set of instructions and materials list so you can continue to create beautiful artworks on your own.

If you’ve been wanting to learn this technique but haven’t had a chance yet, I do want to mention that Talia is moving to New York soon so this may be your last chance for a while. Also note that we’ve included a special discounted price for full time students [we understand your pain].

For complete details on the workshop see this link.

Workshop date: Sunday, August 15    Location: my studio in Liberty Village.

Workshop fee: $360 including 11 x 14 print and all materials.   [Student discounted fee: $270]

To register, contact me below:

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