On Being A Professional Artist

March 25, 2010

I’m very pleased to announce this new workshop, taught by my long-time friend Wayne Dunkley.  This workshop is for anyone interested in pursuing photography or new media as a fine art.  Wayne will guide you through the often confusing world of galleries, arts councils, foundations, and schmoozing the art scene.  He will explain the importance of your Artist Statement, and Project Proposal.  You’ll have an opportunity to start writing your own Artist Statement and receive feedback on it.

Wayne will share the knowledge he’s acquired through 20 years as a working artist in Photography and New Media, as well as his experiences with funding organizations as both an artist and a jury member.  This is going to be an amazing workshop!  I’ve posted a detailed outline and schedule for the day here.

Workshop Date: Saturday, April 24     Location: My studio in Downtown Toronto

Workshop fee:  $210 (incl. GST) ($100 deposit to register)

Contact me here to register:

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  1. […] getting more Amazing! UPDATED WORKSHOP SCHEDULE March 28, 2010 Saturday, April 24:   On Being a Professional Artist…. by Wayne […]

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