And you might want to attend this!

February 6, 2008

Every year CAPIC runs a workshop about assisting.  It usually involved some equipment demos, and discussions of how to become an assistant, how to assist effectively, running your business, etc. This years workshop is on March 8th, at a studio on Davies Ave. If you’re at all interested in assisting (and you should be!)… here’s the link:Capic Assistant Workshop 


  1. this all sounds good and education is the only way to learn. Do you feel that becoming a photography assistant is the only way to become a pro on your own? and if so is this something you did before you became a full time pro?
    If yes, can you describe your experience as an assistiant?
    PS I know in the film biz most directors start as adr’s I would think.

  2. Unfortunately, I did not take the opportunity to assist. When I was in school I was given the impression that, having completed 4 years at Ryerson, I wouldn’t need to assist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I paid a high price in terms of stress, missed opportunities, and hard knocks.
    Assisting is a key step in a photographers development, an opportunity to learn at the hands of a seasoned pro, not only in terms of shooting, but how to deal with clients, run a studio, manage a business.
    If you can take the opportunity, do so!

  3. Hi Rob – Do you know of any other Assistant workshops? I’ve been considering it for a while and recent on-line searches haven’t produced any leads. I’ve got lots of photo and office skills, but I feel there are gaps in my tech knowledge (mostly in terms of handling some equipment and with some of the more advanced digital processes).

  4. Dawn,
    You’re now the second or third person to contact me regarding assisting workshops. I don’t know when CAPIC will run their next workshop, and I don’t know of any others being run in the Toronto area.
    Given the interest that seems to be out there, I’m definitely going to consider creating one myself. I’m working on my workshop schedule for next year, so I’ll keep you posted.

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